Things to Do on Holiday in Slovenia

Among Europe’s best kept secrets, Slovenia has all you can look for in a country. It has a vibrant capital city. What’s more? The city is a center of youthful art scene and outstanding architecture, magnificent Alpine mountain ranges, first-class ski slopes, exceptional wine and cuisine and lots of fun. Read on for the things to do on holiday in Slovenia.


The Dragon Bridge found in Central Ljubljana is among the oldest reinforced concrete bridges found in Europe. It’s guarded by ferocious statues of dragons at either sides of the bridge’s entrance. This is a site to see. Then there’s Ljubljana Castle which is ideally preserved and imposing medieval fortress overlooking the city that it once ruled. Its view from Castle Hill is incomparable, taking in this city, Ljubljana valley as well as the remarkable mountain range and beyond. For those who are interested in contemporary art, then a visit to Metelkova is a must. This is a former army barracks, but was taken over by Bohemian artists in 1994. It has art installations, live music, studios and many nightclubs.

The Mountains

Who does not like taking a hike through the mountains? For holiday lovers, this is normally one of the most memorable experiences. Well, Slovenia provides for all that. The whole of Slovenia is described as a hiking paradise. It has a trail that leads through deep forests and idyllic national parks and past magnificent lakes. However, when you need serious mountaineering, why not head up into Julian-Alps? You sure are going to have a wonderful experience there. A great choice is the Triglav National Park, with the soaring peak of Mount Triglav 2, 864 meters high. Those who love adrenaline-based experience during their holidays can take to hiking in these amazing Slovenia Mountains!


There are also numerous activities that you can take part in during your Slovenia visit. Horse riding is very popular here, and with attractive countryside on offer, it’s simple to see why! There are many excellent cross-country trails appropriate for all levels across the country. The most renowned one is Lipica, found on the Italian border. This is the original home of Lipizzaner breed of horses. The country’s wide-ranging landscape makes it perfect location for cycling tours. For those who are experienced in cycling, tough trails via the Alps may be befitting. For a relaxed holiday experience, you can take your tours through Slovenia’s attractive vineyard region.

Taking the water sports

Slovenia is also an ideal place or holiday destination for those who love water. Well, when you need action-packed water-sports holiday. There are numerous traditional water sport activities down the coast in the warm Adriatic waters. There are also many rivers, and here you have the offer of canoeing, kayaking and exhilarating white-water raftering down waterfalls and rapids. Quite thrilling, is it? On the other hand, you can just head to the scenic Lake Bled, and revel in some sailing during your summer holiday. You can also skate across it during the winter!

Anyone travelling to another country needs a visa. After taking an exciting holiday in Slovenia, seeing its remarkable sites like the mountains, and taking part in varied activities, you would just like to head to another place with equally exciting experience during your next holiday. Australia. Well, when you plan to visit Australia for another thrilling holiday, you can start applying for your Australia visa in earnest!

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The Top 5 off the beaten path places to visit in Australia

Australia is an extraordinary spot for an excursion. With an area mass about the span of the continental United States, there are numerous incredible locales to see. Despite the fact that it’s a long flight, it’s well worth the trouble. Most visitors concentrate on the more famous tourist attractions, for example, Sydney’s Harbor Bridge, The Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock in the outback. There are numerous destinations to investigate in this tremendous area. Having lived in Australia for 2 years, I was blessed enough to have the capacity to fly out around to a number of the lesser known areas. In the event that time licenses, I exceptionally prescribe the top five out of the way towns.
1. Byron Bay - is found something like 480 miles north of Sydney. It’s a pleasant sunny shore town where numerous surfers and specialists accumulate to revel in the sun, sand and waves. This town has incredible surf, as well as in the event that you set out to Cape Byron Lighthouse, the most distant east point of Australia’s continent. This point has a dynamic view. In the middle of June and November, many humpback whales pass by.

2. Monkey Mia – found on the west shoreline of Australia approximately 500 miles north of Perth, offers extraordinary snorkeling and excellent shores. The greatest fascination in this little sunny shore side town is the huge populace of wild jug nosed dolphins. Despite the fact that the recreation center officers have particular feeding times with the dolphins, they are known to come up to swimmers and vessels at all times to interact with the individuals. They have gotten exceptionally agreeable with human interaction. Dugongs are likewise seen normally.

3. Kangaroo Island – this is Australia’s third biggest island. This is an unquestionable requirement see destination for nature devotees. The least expensive approach to get to this island is a 45 minute ship ride from the mainland south of Adelaide. An immense cluster of natural life might be seen on this island from ocean lions in Seal Bay, koalas (which are not bears in spite of prevalent thinking, however marsupials), echidnas searching for insects, kangaroos, wallabies, goannas, penguins and various types of feathered creatures. On the opposite side of the island, there are incredible rock painted scenes.

4. Daintree Rainforest - around 70 miles north of Cairns, this amazing tropical rainforest holds numerous extraordinary miracles. The untouched excellence and secluded area permits the visitor to positively encounter the sights and resonances of the rain woodland. It is home to the biggest scope of untamed life and plants on the planet ranging from frogs, snakes, crocodiles, tropical feathered creatures, green ants, bats and butterflies. On my visit, I went to a fascinating foods tasting event. An occasion not to be missed.

5. Coober Pedy – somewhat in excess of 500 miles north of Adelaide is the Opal capital of the world. Exploring the opal mines is an unquestionable requirement. As a result of the high temperature, a large portion of the locals live underground. There are some truly pleasant overnight boardinghouse underground. Definitely an exceptional experience.

To enjoy the best of Australian shorelines, apply for Australian Visa and drown yourself in the beauty and magnificence of Australia.

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