Tourist Places To Visit In Bahrain

Are you planning to visit Bahrain? If yes, this is a great decision because there are a lot of places you can visit and make your trip a memorable one in life. In the last ten year Bahrain has changed a lot and is expected to give other major countries stiff competition with its tourist attraction places. It is a great country you can have a lot of fun and relax during your holiday. Below are some of the tourist places to visit in Bahrain.

Tree of life

· Tree of life is located in the mid of the desert, the tree is estimated to be five hundred or eight hundred years old. It is a mystery how the tree has remained strong, green and alive in such a dry environment. The tree stands alone in the desert around 1.2 miles from Jebel Dukhan.

· The tree is extra-large and has big branches. Despite that it looks old, the leaves are still ever green. Another mysterious thing is that the tree source is not known making it hard for people to know how the tree survives is the desert. This is a great place that will leave you amazed during your tour to the country.

Dilmun Burial Mounds

· This is one of the largest pre-historic ancient burial plots in the world. When you visit Bahrain, this is a site you should not miss. You will see thousands of mounds that date back four thousand years ago. The mounds have a lot of bronze and copper weapons, pottery, jewelry that tell the history of Dilmun civilization. This is a traditional trading hub that connected India, South Arabia and Mesopotamia. Here you will find people digging, searching bones, pieces of pots and others. This is a site that is recognized by UNESCO as one of its major world sites.

Bahrain national museum

The national museum is one of the most popular destinations in Bahrain. This is a perfect place for you to start your tour in Bahrain. In the museum you will see:

· Carnelian beads

· Earth ware burial jars

· Sculptures depicting Bahrain cultures

The museum is a great place where you will be able to learn the local history of Bahrain.

Fort, Bahrain

· This is a UNESCO world heritage and it acts as a remnant of a past time when the port was under the control of the Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was during the when the Portuguese dominated trade routes in the Indian Ocean. The fort is one of the places built in Bahrain and in Persian Gulf to protect the historical trade routes.

· You can climb on the fort and enjoy great views of the water. In near proximity, there are the ancient ruins dating back four thousand years ago that surrounds the fort.

· There are many other forts such as Arad fort near the airport and the Riffa fort found near Riffa.

There are many other tourist places you can visit in Bahrain and make your tour a memorable one. All you need is to have a Bahrain Visa, so that you can be permitted to visit the country and stay for the duration you want.

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Delightful Attractions of Hyderabad

Undeniably, the charismatic and vivacious urban of Hyderabad exerts a pull on a large number of keen backpackers and holidaymakers for enjoying a treasured trip whose memories would linger in their souls for long. Established approximately four centuries ago, this spectacular city is situated at southern India. With myriads of breathtaking and enrapturing places of interest, it has singled out as a favorite of countless tourists, drawing excursionists from all across the world and has a wealth of mesmerizing highlights for keeping them engrossed. Needless to say, the dazzling metropolis is so enchanting and delightful that one can easily bask in quality time for over a couple of days without getting bored.

While the pearls in the city’s necklace of attractions are too many to account, there are few that just cannot be avoided and those are the ones that merit a small portrayal.

Golconda Fort 

Golconda Fort is a compelling stopover that treats tourists who paid money for air tickets to India with a flurry of delights. Standing proudly on the western outskirts of Hyderabad city, Golconda Fort grabs the attention of visitors with its awe-inspiring architectural design. The fort also finds fame in the fact that this is the place where the famous Kohinoor was stored along with other diamonds.


Charminar is to tourists what sun is to sunflower! Indeed, this majestic temptation is the one that entices even the penny-pinchers to plan holidays in Hyderabad cheap flight tickets to Hyderabad are easily available surely comes to their rescue)! Charminar is surely a grand masterpiece whose location, amidst the busy street, brings even more to the table and presents the most fitting contrast conundrum to the travelers.

Birla Mandir

Religious minded who rummage around for flight tickets to India and land up in the city of pearls can find solace in the sublime serenity of the Birla Mandir. Dedicated to the Lord Venkateshwara, the temple also overwhelms the itinerants with its grand architecture! A tip for the wise – visit this incredible temple in the evening to get blown away by the shimmering sight of this illuminated edifice!

Hyderabad Botanical Garden

While finding cheap tickets on Hyderabad bound flights may give slight headache to few, it is the presence of attractions like Hyderabad Botanical Garden that make it worth the trouble! Tourists with green thumbs will surely be delighted to find the natural brilliance of this place. Hyderabad Botanical Garden is home to a wide variety of plants and trees.

Laad Bazaar 

A tourist remains a tourist unless he visits the Laad Bazaar! A visit to this vibrant market and the visitor becomes a local! Indeed, the charming Laad Bazaar is distinctly ‘Hyderabadi’ and a visit to the place not only allows the tourists to buy some exquisite stuff but also enables them to peek into the prism of Hyderabad’s highly rich culture. Our dear old penny-pinchers will find plenty of things here to complement their cheap tickets!

Ramoji Film City 

Move over the Universal Studios, here comes the Ramoji Film City! Billed as the world’s largest integrated film studio complex, Ramoji Film City surely has a fair share of admirers. A viable stop for families on city tour, this film city seems like a fine display of country’s artistic acumen and expands over 2,000 acres of land, featuring film and television studios.

Captivated with the spark of Hyderabad? Start preparing by getting an India Visa for your holiday.

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