Finding the Perfect Honeymoon Vacation in Turkey

Turkey’s beauty

· Turkey is a land of beauty , a place to consider visiting during your honeymoon for its diverse features like the Karain cave One of the most admirable places of the Mediterranean Region you would like to be.

· There is also the city of Antalya which is known for its monuments that have been there from ancient times

· During the winter Karta kaya ski resort is the place to be, is located in Bolu one of the beautiful cities of turkey, it is the most frequented resort due to its proximity to big cities.

· Inznik is one of the oldest Anatolia’s residential area it is a city that enchants everyone with its historical monuments handicrafts and nature.

· Nemrut is a historical site and also an eighth wonder of the world located on the eastern Taurus mountain range

· The seas and the lake provide an environment where the two of you will enjoy and also relax your minds from all the worries

· Fethiye is a shore like non other it is a place which gives a new meaning to color possessing the most bellyful beaches and islands of the Aegean region with amazing nature and historical sites.

· Turkey beauty will provide memorable moments that will last a life time.

History and culture

· Turkish society still adheres to their native customs and traditions in many areas of social life marriage, birth and holiday celebrations all these are celebrated with great enthusiasm and special preparations

· Every region has got its unique folk dance which are accompanied with different moves, traditional folk dance are a colorful and enjoyable event.

· National and religious holidays are celebrated in turkey every year. Religious events are held on different occasions.

· Turkey has got several museum: aphrodisiacs museum which is situated in the ancient city of Karaca district in Aydin province which exhibits artefacts, coins and scriptures there is also the Burdur archeology museum located at the intersection of the cities of Antalya, Isparta and Izmir and serves as a historical exhibition venues


· Turkey is a made up of more than one religion with both the Christians and the Muslims

· Religion centers include St. Paula’s church which is located in the town of Tarsus in Mersin province and Bursa the great mosque located in Bursa


· The security of the places of your visit is assured due to the laws that have been put in place by the Turkish government to protect all the tourists from the seas to the land.

· There is screening at the entrance of every building and all social place with the police patrolling all round the clock.


· Turkey is bolder to open seas and mountains thus it’s noted for its climatic diversity ranging from Mediterranean to oceanic to continental. The northern region have oceanic whereas the southern part are affected by a temperate Mediterranean climate


· The topography of the land is fairly flat thus all the place to be visited are accessible.

· The road network in the land is well maintained for efficient traveling and enjoying your journey

Cost effective

· Turkey is one of the most cost effective places to visit n every minute spent will be worth counting as profit

· By the services of Turkey visa you and your partner can enjoy what Turkey can offer to your satisfaction.

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Head to Mumbai this vacation

If you are wondering where to spend the leisure time bargained from your busy schedule then one of the options you may happily indulge in is the city of Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. Known for the beautiful beaches and architectural splendour, this fashion capital of the country will provide you with the vacations worth the time and money. To make your Mumbai tourism easy don’t forget to book the Mumbai holiday packages, such packages are widely available on the net and is massively publicised by leading news dailies, Mumbai holiday packages would ensure that you get to stay at a place of your choice, visit places that makes Mumbai, take care of transportation and commuting aspect, Mumbai holiday packages is quite helpful if you are on your own with no relatives and friends in the city to glide you through the tourist destinations.
Places that you must visit; Mumbai tourism
Gateway of India: this is what Mumbai is known for and is synonymous with the city built during the British Raj in Colaba ( South Bombay) to commemorate the visit of George V and Queen Mary to the city, this is our primary tourist destination
Secondly what you cannot miss out when in Mumbai is the Elephanta caves(eastern part of the city) which boasts of rock cut sculptures of Lord Shiva on one side and Buddhist sculptures on the other, the most celebrated of the sculptures is the one called Trimurthi depicting three headed Shiva.
Aksa in Malad, Juhu and Chow-patty beaches near Marine drive are ideal as great package of sun sand and sunset, Aksa beach is ideal for a weekend get away with rental cottages and other accommodations available at the beach itself, chow-patty beach will get you indulged in the mouth-watering chaats and local delicacies.
Amusement parks:
Water kingdom in the city is the largest water park in the whole of Asia and is a perfect destination for a day of thrill fun and excitement, so is Essel world, its sister counterpart, friends families and children it is alike amazing with all, the rides will get you grooving.
Revering paradise:
Haji Ali Dargah at Worli Coast (south Bombay)
Siddhivinayak temple (richest temple in the city) of lord Ganesh which is an epitome of Hindu conviction
Krishna temple called Iskcon which is made of marbles
So much for places that you would visit fared by the Mumbai holiday packages operators, but what about shopping destinations? If you are in Mumbai shopping is a must especially street shopping where you get good stuffs at reasonable prices. Here is where you can shop to your heart’s content and yes be ready for bargaining a bit!
Fashion street
Colaba causeway
Linking road in Bandra
Crawford market
For a time that spells of beauty, relaxation, thrill, excitement and lots of fun, Mumbai is the place to be which is sure to be a treat for all tourists, picturesque beaches, amazing architectural splendour and shopper’s paradise, Mumbai has all this and more to offer!

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This post is submitted by Stephenleuis. Stephenleuis is a travel writer at ixigo and is passionate about writing destination travel guides and travel tips on topics like Mumbai Tourism. Apart from this he also writes on Holi Parties in Pune, Holi Parties in Mumbai,  and lots more.

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